Tuesday, September 29, 2015

National Coffee Day.. Just kidding, Tuesday.

Haha! National Coffee Day has to be my favorite made up holiday.. right next to National Donut day of course!
Well after my third coffee (I decided to try that new toasted gram at Starbucks, nom nom) I am ready to tell you what I was up to today!

I never ate that donut by the way... I was too worried about today's sprints workout. And it was almost as bad as I expected. 3's and X's which consist of running around a soccer field, then once at the original corner sprint across, walk to the next corner and sprint back to the other side... hence the X's. That may not make much sense, its hard to explain but its a lot... What I explained is just ONE. We did FOUR, which isn't absolute death but it was definitely not a fun time.

Today was upper body, yay. Well not actually yay because I have been so tight in my shoulders, especially my right side. That's okay because I caved and called my favorite pain reliever/ pain enforcer/ muscle destroyer/ magic worker to fix me tomorrow. Its mind boggling how sports massages can hurt so much but feel so good.. they put me out of commission for a good day or two.

Any way back to today.. sorry... coffee....

Arm circles 3 sets of
20 forwards
20 backwards 

I skipped bench... yea no thank you. So I traded for some core (of course) because what else would I do? When in doubt do... core?
3 sets of 20 reverse rolling crunches

4 way pull ups- 3 sets of 4 each way

Kettle bell Bosu 1 arm press 3 sets of 8 
I am still figuring out that drill but probably just need to use a heavier KB.

DB 1 arm row- 3 sets of 6 at 65lbs 

DB runners 3 sets of 20 seconds with 10 lb DB

And lastlyyyyy ABS! MoneyMakers to be more specific 3 sets of 20. Those are another one I have trouble with.. It is hard to get into the right position. Its pretty terrible when I can get it right but its a love hate thing.

I added a few more side planks and twists because I didn't feel like I worked hard enough..

I haven't quite figured out how to know when to push harder and when to back off. Its difficult with my sport because I wont compete till March/ April and its only September..But then I tell myself this is the time to be pushing myself but I also don't want to burn out or get hurt...Back and forth back and forth, you see my dilemma? So I am learning, its a process. Ok I am done. Too much coffee.
Quest Banana hazelnut coffee....magically deliciousness

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