Monday, September 14, 2015

First week of September

I missed last week! After a long Labor Day weekend I started back on Tuesday with a 3 hour leg day... it was a very long day!
Sprints were 40 yards alternating with bungees. We also did shuffles and backwards sprints.  
Lifts included dead lifting, lunge jumps, Bulgarian split squats and a mix of hip/leg recovery. I got up to 275 in dead lifts for reps of 8 and only did 30 lbs for reps of 8 in the Bulgarian split squats. The rest was mixed in between the lifts.. 3 hours later.....

I also seemed to be having some shoulder tightness so you know what that means.. Legs and core and legs and core and running, of course.

I promised myself after a terrible season I would focus on recovery and rehab, especially in my shoulders. I already broke that promise -_- and its only been one month. This just goes to show how important it is to recover properly. I have always found my downfall to be training too much and not taking the time to stretch and roll out. So any guesses to what I added this week?? Meet my new best friend, my pink lacrosse ball!

Wednesday and Thursday were recovery days with a lot of rolling and stretching! Wednesdays running was brutal, it was 300's of pure torture in 100 degree weather!!! I also did core when I came back to life. Thursday I did 13 100's and some lovely coreeeee. 

Friday was even more bungee sprints! They sort of really suck but the more I do them the easier it is for me to get into the right positions. And again we had dead lifts -_- Some how I managed to get to 305lbs for 6 reps.. The rest of the day included bounding, dumbbell step ups, hip thrusts and split jumps. It was another long lovely day.

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