Thursday, September 17, 2015

I am Alive!!!!

If you read my last post I was expecting dreadful 300s on Tuesday........ Luckily it poured and we worked on speed and form. #LifeSaved  Little did I know I would still be absolutely destroyed, not be able to post my blog on time and have to take Wednesday off.
Yea. Leg day.

Sprint work itself took about an hour..... How? No clue.
8x 40y alternating with bungees where I focused a lot on form
3x 40y shuffles (alternating with bungee)
3x 40y backwards (alternating with bungee)

I can feel the sprints are getting easier the more I do, it has been such a great learning experience. Running "correctly" and getting into the right positions has tremendously helped increase my speed. I say this even though I was ready to pack up and go home after my speed work. But nooooo its leg day.

You guessed it, Deadlifts.
4x6 sets
So I started out at 295 and thought "what a piece of cakeeee" so I jumped to 315. Never again. Don't do that. I only made 4 reps, it was ugly. I dropped down to 305 which I did for 2 sets. My last set I decided to try 315 again.. I got all 6 this time but didn't have any fun doing it.
I mixed in some Plyos too!
4x4 lunge to squat jumps

Bulgarian split squats 4x6 at 30lbs
Band toe touches 3x25

Possibly the worst drill of the day had to be the weighted single leg squats.
These bad boys make you question life. 3x6 quickly turned to 2x6.. When you start to question quality sometimes its best to ease up. It could of also been that the 3 and a half hour practice time was cutting into lunch time aka Donut time [: Finishing off the day we did some glut ham raises and leg rehab.

Always have to do some recovery no matter how tired you are.... I am really working on this, its too important not to.

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