Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Monday morning I went down to Anaheim with USATF Southern California to teach track and field to some of the local elementary schools. It is always so much fun to work with kids at this age because they really are clueless on the events...nothing like working with a clean slate! On the other hand it is pretty sad to see the lack of knowledge most of these kids have towards the sport. Good or bad they always seem to fall in love with the Turbojav, my favorite eventtttt!

We spend about a half hour with each and rotated them between stations... They learned to sprint, jump and throw. We teach them the Turbojav (of course) and the shot put. Depending on the number of people we have teaching at each station determines the amount of stations (events) we have... The amount of time also determines a lot.  I could honestly work with the kids all day.. They have so much fun learning track and field and it does so much for our sport. If we could only do this for every school/organization imagine what our sport could turn into!

I added a tidbit into my #MakeAChamp campaign about trying to put together more of these "Track and Field Days" to help the younger generations learn our sport. The amazing thing about Track and field is that it teaches the fundamentals to every sport; Track events are the building blocks of most other sports..
Ill say it here again.. to please help spread the word! Being able to collaborate with local schools and organizations can do WONDERS for our sport! Hopefully one day it can create jobs for athletes like me trying to make it to the Olympics but take the stress of constantly searching for jobs to keep us on our feet.

As for training I went home and did some killer rehab and core, my tight shoulder/back needs some major TLC. Whenever I decide to do core I pick 5-10 exercises and do 10 to 20 depending on the difficulty. Because I missed out on a normal practice I ended up doing a harder core workout.
Does this ever happen to anyone trying to workout at home?

Some of my favorite go-to abs are..
Reverse crunch
Side planks
Lemon Squeezers (with and without a twist)
Mountain climbers
Side twists
V ups

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