Saturday, September 19, 2015


Somehow these workouts keeps getting longer... 💀 or at least feel like it.

Friday started out like any other day.
4x40yard bungee sprints 
Then we worked on normal sprints still running the 40+ yards but we only timed the last 10 yards. I believe my best was 1.15 s.
Those were 5x50y sprints
6x40y backwards sprints ended the running section of the workout.

The day looked like this..

Deadlift 3x6 295 305 315 325
(315 absolutely sucked let alone 325.. Outer body experience 👽 I should thank my supporters here because they definitely helped push me with all the amazing donations to my MakeAChamp) 
Depth bounding 3 each leg 3x2

DB step ups 4x6 40lb
Lunge jumps 4x12

Hip thrusts 4x6 155lb
2 way toe touch/step up 3x20

Lastlyyyyy ended with some hip work!

I immediately got a very large very strong pumpkin iced coffee then went home and took a nap 👀 

Should of made this decision 😳 anyone else agree???

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