Friday, September 18, 2015

Helllooooo Friday

Morninggggggg. I am a day behind, I'm sorry.. its been a rough couple weeks of training.

Thursday was rough.

We started out with 22 100m sprints!!! with abs. I honestly didn't think I would make it through all 22. I was so drained from Tuesdays practice and taking Wednesday off was genius.. although I was still a zombie when I got to the park to run.

The rest of the workout looked like this..
 IYTL 3x15

DB bench 4x6 I worked my way up to 50lb  DB but I am still battling a sore shoulder/arm/scapula so I am taking it easy and really pushing myself to roll it out.

DB 1 arm row 4x6 Got up to 70 lbs on this one

Next was some glute work (3x15) which I am growing to love, I never did much of it before but I think I like it a lot! ( I hope I don't regret saying that)

A curl mix was next.. this unfortunately bothered my arm so I used 15 lbs and took it easy. I have to say my arms look pretty diesel.............don't know how I feel about that.

And FINALLY some band work and coreeeee
Band pull downs 3x15
Ab twists 3x8 e

I wonder what today brings ( monkey covering his eyes emoji here)
Im pretty sure its Leg day again.
If I don't post again.. you know the drill.

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