Monday, September 28, 2015

Heyyy Monday

I have to admit I was extremely worried about todays workout.. I heard this week would be a rough one. I pictured myself laying face first in the turf and the barbell stuck to the ground during deadlifts.. which absolutely sucks. I always dread that first deadlift, you know... the one that always takes forever to get off the damn ground.

A always forget to add that I do a 15-30 minute warmup before I do anything. Its super important to be warmed up!!

Sprints kicked off practice today with timed 40's.
We started back about 30 more yards so we were at full acceleration through the 40's.
I didn't expect these to be too bad but boy was I wrong, I only made it through 4 before I moved on to 6 backward sprints. Once your times get worse you stop.. I declined by .1 every attempt so like I said I ended it at 4. I just was not feeling it... definitely the monday blues.


Deadlifts were only 3x6 today so I should have pushed it but because of the way I felt during the sprints I kept it "doable". My sets were 295, 305 and 315. I thought I might die during these but was pleasantly surprised and kind of wished I went a little heavier.

Depth jump 3x6

Dumbbell Bulgarian split squats 3x6 where I got to 40 lbs. I may or may not have been able to go a little heavier, those are always hard to tell because I want to push it but I also want to be able to finish practice and most importantly be able to walk tomorrow.

Next was some manual quad and hamstring work, each at 3x8 which took FOREVERRRR and burn but are always fun -_-
Oh and also 3x8 reverse raises

We ended with 3 sets of some hip work each at 20 reps. These include several lovely leg raises!

Practice took quite a while but I made it out alive and hopeeeeee that I wont be sore tomorrow (figures crossed).

P.S I have a Strawberry frosted donut waiting for meeeeee! What.. It's Monday 😏 and I did Deadlifts 🍩🍩 donut judge me 😝

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