Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New training cycles call for new sore muscles...

Had a great de load week and now ready for this new training cycle Ryan has cooked up for us!!

As I break into a new part of my training program I have been learning how important nutrition is. I have been struggling for he longest time with what to eat before training.. Something light enough to not throw up but "good" enough to get me through intense workouts. I found myself hungry 2 hours into practice. Luckily I came across Generation UCAN and their drink mix.. Keeps me full and energized the entire practice. More info to come later..!!

Monday looked something like this..

Bungee band sprint work
3x20 yard forward, backward and side shuffle.

3x20 yard forward, backward and side shuffle without bands.

4x5 5 sec squats 175 195 205 205
4x8 depth to box jumps

3 x 8 e SL squats with weight vest (these are the absolute worst.)
3x15 e SL glute bridge

3x10 DB calf raises
3x15 DB calf raises fast
These are to be done straight, inward and outward. And boy did I feel these, or should I say.. STILL feel these.


21 lovely 100's with abs!

Iytl 3x15

3x6 bench 105 110 115
3x8 neg pull up

3x15 SL arm KB bosu  20 lb
3x 6 1arm row 75lbs

3x 3 way curls
3x 15 Band pull downs

Today.. Wednesday I got to throw!!!

It was an easy light day with 5 or so sets of 3 throws. I feel super strong and very un coordinated so it was strange but no pain or tightness!!! My body is slow and heavy so most of the throws I armed the crap out of it but it felt good so just let it go.. Let my new body get used to it.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

End of the week

Coming back to finish the week strong.. or so I thought.

I was not feeling it today at all! Some days are like this and you just have to keep pushing through.

6 Flying 20's which started really slow got better towards the end.. but then I died on number 6.

Hey hey heeeeey, deadlifts. NOT. Or maybe, I don't know.

4x3 Dead Lifts - my first set was a surprisingly easy 330 lbs so I slightlyyyyy increased to 335 lbs for the last 3 sets.

4 x 2  Depth to SL 3 hop (each leg)

3 x 5 Bulgarian split squat went as follows 45, 45, 55 (I felt that 55 the next day BTW)

I was so exhausted by this time so I finished with some 3 way hips. (They were a struggle too!!!)

Oh… I did some abs.
3 x 15 supersets

Friday was a whole  nother animal.

TWENTY FOUR that's 24- 100's with abs………24.

The rest of the day was not too bad.

Iytl's 3x 15

4 x 5 - Db incline bench 45

4 x 7 - Towel pulls

3x 6 -  3 way curl 15 and 20

3x6 - Kickbacks 20

3 x 8 Torture twists

3 x 15 Hanging knees to chest

Saturday I ended up at the gym and did a ton of core.. for fun… it was great. Although I got lost in LA Fitness.. I have no clue how to use machines.. pathetic I know. But honestly, so many machines.... So many!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oh Wednesday.....

Well Monday was an ass kicker, and for no reason.

Sprints were flying 10's
6 x 40m which were super duper turtle like slow.

We switched lifting days so our "heavy" day is now going to be Thursday instead of Monday!
Although today was still rough..

4 x 6 Deadlift at 285 lbs
4 x 5 Weighted single leg box jumps

3 x 4 DB step ups with 55 lb DB's - those were definitely part of the problem -_-
3 x 4 Lunge to jump squat

1 x 50 Step downs -----BURNNNN

3 x 20 Glute bridge hip flexers

7 way hips

I also added in some hanging abs because who doesn't love those……


14 - Ins and outs to begin the day! They weren't too terrible, although this heat thing in October has got to settle down… Got me missing Fall in Rhode Island. I say that… then remember how absolutely terrible the cold can be to train in. I love California :)

Arm circles are always a great way to loosen up before you lift things up and put them down. Forward, backwards, up, down, big, small, right, left, inside, outside, blue, pink, donuts…… ;)

I bench pressed todayyyyy, finally.
4 x 5 at 100lb's I can go for more but I am slowly adding the weight.

4 x 4 4 way pull-ups (that should of been done with a weight vest…. there was no way.)

3 x 15 Single arm Bosu press

3 x 5 Single arm DB row at 75 lbs
I could barely hold onto the DB's… I need to use straps next time!

3 x 20 DB runners with 15 lb.'s

3 x 20 Moneymakers- p.s I might be getting the hang of these bad boys!!!
I also added in a couple sets of hanging knees to chest to break up the moneymakers and of course for more coreeeeee.

AND FINALLY… Wednesday!

First day back throwing some javs and Turbojavs!!

All I did today was play around and get the feeling back. The 300g Turbojavs are so fun to throw because of how light they are, they really allow you to let go and work on the throwing motion. I also threw with the 500g Turbo, 600g Turbo and the real javs of course. I mostly did short approach stuff like one and three steps, mixing up the weights. All in all it was a good easy fun throwing session… I look forward to throwing again next and this time hopefully with some spikes and a runway!
Love my Quest barssssss <3

Happy HUMP Dayyyyyyyy

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Im still getting used to this blog thing.. I didn't post Fridays workout so here we go..

22.. yes 22 100's with abs. Nothing says TGIF like 22 100's let me tell youuuu.

I's Y's T's and L's to get warmed up for the lifts!

3 x 5 Dumbbell incline bench at 45 lbs

3 x 5 Towel pulls

3 x 20 Glute bridge/ lat pull downs ( these are becoming a favorite, although 20 is a little excessive)

3 x 10 3 way curls with 15s and 10s
I am going to start pushing this shoulder tightness so I used both 10 and 15 when I could.

3 x 10 Kickbacks with 15s

And ended with some MORE abs.. Torture twists and supersets <3 my fans

I have to say these blogs can be super boring and for the 7 or so of you that actually check up on me thanks for sticking with me! In the end I really want to be able to look back on all I did this offseason and know I did all that I could. Leaving it all on the blog, out in the "open" vunerably judged to push myself.. for myself.

Happy Sunday Football.. Go Pats

Friday, October 9, 2015


Welp, here we go again a day late.. damn deadlifts.

So the day started out great because coach came to see our flying 30's!!! Love having Ryan at practice, it really sets a killer tone for the day.

We really went hard for these timed 30's as we are done when our speed decreases. So pushing it harder every sprint is super important. I actually felt pretty terrible.. my legs felt like a million pounds and that no bueno when full out sprinting. Either way I gave it 110% of what I had and made it to 6 30's until I started to slow down.

I got to say I was beat up just from running.. I was nowhere near ready for deadlifting. After some quality ground time >>>>
It was time.

4 x 4 deadlifts at 315 (Thankfullyyyyy lighter.. I would have broke in half if I had to lift 330+)

4 x 4 each SL box jumps with a weighted vest (sigh)

3 x 5 DB step ups at 45 lbs

3 x 5 each Lunge to squat jump

1 x 50 Step downs

3 x 20 Glute/ hip flexors

1 x 15 Hips !!!! Much needed I must say.

Now onto Friday.....

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How is it already Wednesday

You already know, I am late and you can blame it on deadlifting…..

Monday, I was ready for you .. all 4 hours of you!

Band/sprint work consisted of
3 x 40yd with bungees
3 x 40yd with no bungee
2 x 40 shuffle with bungee
1 x 40yd without
2 x 40yd backwards with bungee
1 x 40yd backwards without

DEADLIFTTTT was going to be interesting at 330 lbs
4 x 5 330lbs
I was so excited I did all 4 with little to no struggling!!! Crazyness. FYI- deadlifts destroy hands.

4 x 5 Depth to vert lumps

3 x 5 DB bulgarian split squats 45 lbs

THEN.. the most longest and tedious work was manual hamstrings and quads
3 x 10 of each and each leg - These suck.

3 x 8 band reverse hyper extensions

3 x 20 on 3 way hips

And I felt awesome even after a longgggggggg practice… until I got home and sat down. First mistake, do not sit down... especially if your hungry. I guess you can say I called it a night after sleepwalking aka sleep making chili and passing out before 9.


Remember that 3's and x's thing I told you about… So that happened. I thought it would be worse but I made it out okay… we did 6.

Today was upper body and as I have been saying I have been taking it easy on my shoulder…

3 x 20 of a 3 set of arm cirlces

Instead of bench I did a plank stability-core-drill. Its plank with arm to chest holds.. 4 x 10 each side

4 x 3 of a 4 way pull up circuit with a weighted vest which was not fun..

3 x 12 KB Bosu 1 arm press with a 30 lb KB

3 x 5 DB 1 arm row at 65 lbs
I need to go up in those but am scared about hurting my shoulder, I just need to grow up and get over it.. Next week I will push it.

3 x 20 DB runners

ABSSSSS - I was supposed to do moneymakers but I couldn't get it right.. getting in the right position was a task and I would rather get the work done than do it the wrong way..
2 x 8 torture twists
2 x 15 superset abs 4 way

Sorry for posting late!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Its October 3rd ….. Get it (:

Friday was a good time… 

20 -100's and abs TWENTY of them.. good times.

I have to add that I stretched a lot and warmed up well before today, and boy did I need that.

Well it all started with I's, Y's, T's and L's 3 x 15
I could already feel the irritation in my shoulder but worked through it with 5 lb weights

3 x 5 DB incline bench with 40 lb's 
These didn't hurt but I could feel after each rep the tightness which is superrrr annoying.

I have this thing where if I can't go hard I have to fill in with something extra… and its usually core. So to make up for my lack in bench and towel pulls I worked in some core. That way I am not bothering my shoulder/ back/ chest or whatever the culprit is.

3 x 20 glute bridge/ lat pulldowns 

3 x 10 each DB 3 way curls with 10 lbs 
I actually started with 20s which was intense but dropped to give my shoulder a rest.

3 x 10 DB kickbacks with 15 lbs

3 x 8 Torture twists

I am super bummed about how irritated my shoulder gets, its hard to explain how it feels. I can absolutely do the drills but am trying to be smart about preventing an injury. We will see how it feels as the weeks go on!

Have a great weekend!!! No Patriots game this weekend though -_- LAME.

October is hereee

Deadlifts always set back my posts a day late!! Deadlifts, man.

I have to get used to having Wednesday off, it's a nice break in the week but I have to admit I was a little lost. What to dooooo! Hang out with Khaleesi... And drink pumpkin iced coffees!

Thursday began like every other day, sprints.
6 x 30 yard sprints alternating with a bungee.
2 x 30 yard backwards also alternating.
2 x 30 yard side shuffle alternating.

4 x 5 today but heavyyyy. It looked like this 305, 315, 325, 330.
Surprisingly I didn't struggle as bad as I thought I would… Maybe wednesday off was a wonderful idea.

4 x 5 single leg box jumps with a weight vest. (I am terrible at these!)

3 x 5 dumbbell step ups with 45s 
Its hard to hold onto the dumbbells after DL destroyed my hands.. but I need to go up in weight and learn to stablize better.

3 x 5 (each leg) lunge to squat jump

1 x 50 step downs YES 50. These destroy lives.

3 x 20 Glute bridge hip flexors

1 x 15  7 way hips