Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oh Wednesday.....

Well Monday was an ass kicker, and for no reason.

Sprints were flying 10's
6 x 40m which were super duper turtle like slow.

We switched lifting days so our "heavy" day is now going to be Thursday instead of Monday!
Although today was still rough..

4 x 6 Deadlift at 285 lbs
4 x 5 Weighted single leg box jumps

3 x 4 DB step ups with 55 lb DB's - those were definitely part of the problem -_-
3 x 4 Lunge to jump squat

1 x 50 Step downs -----BURNNNN

3 x 20 Glute bridge hip flexers

7 way hips

I also added in some hanging abs because who doesn't love those……


14 - Ins and outs to begin the day! They weren't too terrible, although this heat thing in October has got to settle down… Got me missing Fall in Rhode Island. I say that… then remember how absolutely terrible the cold can be to train in. I love California :)

Arm circles are always a great way to loosen up before you lift things up and put them down. Forward, backwards, up, down, big, small, right, left, inside, outside, blue, pink, donuts…… ;)

I bench pressed todayyyyy, finally.
4 x 5 at 100lb's I can go for more but I am slowly adding the weight.

4 x 4 4 way pull-ups (that should of been done with a weight vest…. there was no way.)

3 x 15 Single arm Bosu press

3 x 5 Single arm DB row at 75 lbs
I could barely hold onto the DB's… I need to use straps next time!

3 x 20 DB runners with 15 lb.'s

3 x 20 Moneymakers- p.s I might be getting the hang of these bad boys!!!
I also added in a couple sets of hanging knees to chest to break up the moneymakers and of course for more coreeeeee.

AND FINALLY… Wednesday!

First day back throwing some javs and Turbojavs!!

All I did today was play around and get the feeling back. The 300g Turbojavs are so fun to throw because of how light they are, they really allow you to let go and work on the throwing motion. I also threw with the 500g Turbo, 600g Turbo and the real javs of course. I mostly did short approach stuff like one and three steps, mixing up the weights. All in all it was a good easy fun throwing session… I look forward to throwing again next and this time hopefully with some spikes and a runway!
Love my Quest barssssss <3

Happy HUMP Dayyyyyyyy

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