Friday, October 9, 2015


Welp, here we go again a day late.. damn deadlifts.

So the day started out great because coach came to see our flying 30's!!! Love having Ryan at practice, it really sets a killer tone for the day.

We really went hard for these timed 30's as we are done when our speed decreases. So pushing it harder every sprint is super important. I actually felt pretty terrible.. my legs felt like a million pounds and that no bueno when full out sprinting. Either way I gave it 110% of what I had and made it to 6 30's until I started to slow down.

I got to say I was beat up just from running.. I was nowhere near ready for deadlifting. After some quality ground time >>>>
It was time.

4 x 4 deadlifts at 315 (Thankfullyyyyy lighter.. I would have broke in half if I had to lift 330+)

4 x 4 each SL box jumps with a weighted vest (sigh)

3 x 5 DB step ups at 45 lbs

3 x 5 each Lunge to squat jump

1 x 50 Step downs

3 x 20 Glute/ hip flexors

1 x 15 Hips !!!! Much needed I must say.

Now onto Friday.....

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