Sunday, October 18, 2015

End of the week

Coming back to finish the week strong.. or so I thought.

I was not feeling it today at all! Some days are like this and you just have to keep pushing through.

6 Flying 20's which started really slow got better towards the end.. but then I died on number 6.

Hey hey heeeeey, deadlifts. NOT. Or maybe, I don't know.

4x3 Dead Lifts - my first set was a surprisingly easy 330 lbs so I slightlyyyyy increased to 335 lbs for the last 3 sets.

4 x 2  Depth to SL 3 hop (each leg)

3 x 5 Bulgarian split squat went as follows 45, 45, 55 (I felt that 55 the next day BTW)

I was so exhausted by this time so I finished with some 3 way hips. (They were a struggle too!!!)

Oh… I did some abs.
3 x 15 supersets

Friday was a whole  nother animal.

TWENTY FOUR that's 24- 100's with abs………24.

The rest of the day was not too bad.

Iytl's 3x 15

4 x 5 - Db incline bench 45

4 x 7 - Towel pulls

3x 6 -  3 way curl 15 and 20

3x6 - Kickbacks 20

3 x 8 Torture twists

3 x 15 Hanging knees to chest

Saturday I ended up at the gym and did a ton of core.. for fun… it was great. Although I got lost in LA Fitness.. I have no clue how to use machines.. pathetic I know. But honestly, so many machines.... So many!!!

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