Sunday, October 11, 2015


Im still getting used to this blog thing.. I didn't post Fridays workout so here we go..

22.. yes 22 100's with abs. Nothing says TGIF like 22 100's let me tell youuuu.

I's Y's T's and L's to get warmed up for the lifts!

3 x 5 Dumbbell incline bench at 45 lbs

3 x 5 Towel pulls

3 x 20 Glute bridge/ lat pull downs ( these are becoming a favorite, although 20 is a little excessive)

3 x 10 3 way curls with 15s and 10s
I am going to start pushing this shoulder tightness so I used both 10 and 15 when I could.

3 x 10 Kickbacks with 15s

And ended with some MORE abs.. Torture twists and supersets <3 my fans

I have to say these blogs can be super boring and for the 7 or so of you that actually check up on me thanks for sticking with me! In the end I really want to be able to look back on all I did this offseason and know I did all that I could. Leaving it all on the blog, out in the "open" vunerably judged to push myself.. for myself.

Happy Sunday Football.. Go Pats

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