Saturday, October 3, 2015

Its October 3rd ….. Get it (:

Friday was a good time… 

20 -100's and abs TWENTY of them.. good times.

I have to add that I stretched a lot and warmed up well before today, and boy did I need that.

Well it all started with I's, Y's, T's and L's 3 x 15
I could already feel the irritation in my shoulder but worked through it with 5 lb weights

3 x 5 DB incline bench with 40 lb's 
These didn't hurt but I could feel after each rep the tightness which is superrrr annoying.

I have this thing where if I can't go hard I have to fill in with something extra… and its usually core. So to make up for my lack in bench and towel pulls I worked in some core. That way I am not bothering my shoulder/ back/ chest or whatever the culprit is.

3 x 20 glute bridge/ lat pulldowns 

3 x 10 each DB 3 way curls with 10 lbs 
I actually started with 20s which was intense but dropped to give my shoulder a rest.

3 x 10 DB kickbacks with 15 lbs

3 x 8 Torture twists

I am super bummed about how irritated my shoulder gets, its hard to explain how it feels. I can absolutely do the drills but am trying to be smart about preventing an injury. We will see how it feels as the weeks go on!

Have a great weekend!!! No Patriots game this weekend though -_- LAME.

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