Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How is it already Wednesday

You already know, I am late and you can blame it on deadlifting…..

Monday, I was ready for you .. all 4 hours of you!

Band/sprint work consisted of
3 x 40yd with bungees
3 x 40yd with no bungee
2 x 40 shuffle with bungee
1 x 40yd without
2 x 40yd backwards with bungee
1 x 40yd backwards without

DEADLIFTTTT was going to be interesting at 330 lbs
4 x 5 330lbs
I was so excited I did all 4 with little to no struggling!!! Crazyness. FYI- deadlifts destroy hands.

4 x 5 Depth to vert lumps

3 x 5 DB bulgarian split squats 45 lbs

THEN.. the most longest and tedious work was manual hamstrings and quads
3 x 10 of each and each leg - These suck.

3 x 8 band reverse hyper extensions

3 x 20 on 3 way hips

And I felt awesome even after a longgggggggg practice… until I got home and sat down. First mistake, do not sit down... especially if your hungry. I guess you can say I called it a night after sleepwalking aka sleep making chili and passing out before 9.


Remember that 3's and x's thing I told you about… So that happened. I thought it would be worse but I made it out okay… we did 6.

Today was upper body and as I have been saying I have been taking it easy on my shoulder…

3 x 20 of a 3 set of arm cirlces

Instead of bench I did a plank stability-core-drill. Its plank with arm to chest holds.. 4 x 10 each side

4 x 3 of a 4 way pull up circuit with a weighted vest which was not fun..

3 x 12 KB Bosu 1 arm press with a 30 lb KB

3 x 5 DB 1 arm row at 65 lbs
I need to go up in those but am scared about hurting my shoulder, I just need to grow up and get over it.. Next week I will push it.

3 x 20 DB runners

ABSSSSS - I was supposed to do moneymakers but I couldn't get it right.. getting in the right position was a task and I would rather get the work done than do it the wrong way..
2 x 8 torture twists
2 x 15 superset abs 4 way

Sorry for posting late!

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