Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New training cycles call for new sore muscles...

Had a great de load week and now ready for this new training cycle Ryan has cooked up for us!!

As I break into a new part of my training program I have been learning how important nutrition is. I have been struggling for he longest time with what to eat before training.. Something light enough to not throw up but "good" enough to get me through intense workouts. I found myself hungry 2 hours into practice. Luckily I came across Generation UCAN and their drink mix.. Keeps me full and energized the entire practice. More info to come later..!!

Monday looked something like this..

Bungee band sprint work
3x20 yard forward, backward and side shuffle.

3x20 yard forward, backward and side shuffle without bands.

4x5 5 sec squats 175 195 205 205
4x8 depth to box jumps

3 x 8 e SL squats with weight vest (these are the absolute worst.)
3x15 e SL glute bridge

3x10 DB calf raises
3x15 DB calf raises fast
These are to be done straight, inward and outward. And boy did I feel these, or should I say.. STILL feel these.


21 lovely 100's with abs!

Iytl 3x15

3x6 bench 105 110 115
3x8 neg pull up

3x15 SL arm KB bosu  20 lb
3x 6 1arm row 75lbs

3x 3 way curls
3x 15 Band pull downs

Today.. Wednesday I got to throw!!!

It was an easy light day with 5 or so sets of 3 throws. I feel super strong and very un coordinated so it was strange but no pain or tightness!!! My body is slow and heavy so most of the throws I armed the crap out of it but it felt good so just let it go.. Let my new body get used to it.

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