Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's November!!!???

Found some super heroes training at the gym last week... So cool 

Last week was a bit of a blur and I was an airhead, who didn't write down my workouts.... Soooo it's Tuesday. 

Monday kicked my ass.. 

Bungee band sprint work
4x40 yard forward 3 without
2x40 backward 2 without
2x40 side shuffle 1 without 

4x5 5 sec squats 205 lbs
4x4 seated single leg box jumps

3 x 6 Bulgarian split squats (slow down)
3 x 5 lunge jumps 

1 x 50 single leg step downs

3x10 DB calf raises slow
3x15 DB calf raises fast 35 DBs

Ended with some hip work 

.... Is it safe to say I fell asleep at 8.... Now a days that's the norm -_-  


100's with abs.... 24 

Iytl 3x15

4x6 bench 95 105 110 115
4x8 neg pull up

3x6 DB Row (slow down) 35 lbs
3x8 Shoulder press 25 DBs

3x 4way curls
3x 15 Band pull downs

3x10 back extensions 

3x8 torture twists

It's been a long week, I'm glad to have a day off tomorrow.. And by day off I mean....

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