Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Moves...

Well.... Almost all moved into the new place! Took a week so I've been MIA 😁 
The workouts are definitely to blame too, this cycle is brutal! Since I missed last week I'll fill you in as the week goes on. It will be the same stuff just an increase in weight. 

Running was no fun Monday 🙅🏼
200m breakdowns 

I have to thank Generation UCAN here because without you I may not have pushed as hard and definitely would have left breakfast on the track. Love this stuff! (If you want a discount on their stuff message me or text me for the code!!)

I was able to go up a bit this week in weight. Although the first week of the cycle destroyed any and all leg muscles I have. (I definitely grew a few new ones)

4x6 seated box squats 165, 175, 180, 185
4x6 depth to vertical jump

3x6 barbell step ups 105,110,115
3x depth to 3 hop to hang 

3x6 RDL 195, 205, 205
3x 20 glute bridge hip flexors

3x25 toe touches
7 way hips 


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