Friday, December 18, 2015


Been a rough cycle this month.. The last few days have been a struggle but now I can rest up and enjoy the holidays!!!

It started off horrible on Monday with 150m breakdowns and of course I was fighting a stomach bug..... Just glad I got through the day with no issues 😷 All in all it was an intense week, I got to push myself to the very fullest. By Thursday I was struggling to lift anything. Looking forward to backing off for a week and doing fun Christmas things (basic) 😏

Last week >>>>

150 m breakdown

4x6 seated box squats 175, 190, 200, 220
4x6 depth to vertical jump

3x6 barbell step ups 110, 115, 125
3x depth to 3 hop to hang 

3x6 RDL 205
3x 20 glute bridge hip flexors 

22 - 100 with abs

4x6 bench to box  115, 125, 135, 145
4x10 Med ball chest pass 16 lbs

3x5s elevator bench 30 lbs
3x8 neg pull ups

3x 10 Manual 3 way shoulders

3x fail run the rack fail at 30 lbs

3x8 torture twists 


J A V   P R A C T I C E 


 Flying 40s
No read,5.3,5.35, 5.35,5.27,5.29,5.31

4x6 hex 295,305, 315,325
4x2 depth to 3 broad jump 

3x6 barbell Bulgarian split squats 105, 110,115
3x4 Bulgarian split squat SL knee jump

3x6 SL tempo squat 8sec
3x6 DB SL RDL 35

3 way hips


15 mins 50 run 50 jog

4x6 barbell incline red bands 70, 75, 80,80
4x6 trx paused with resistance 

3x6 weight vest push up with clap
3x6 pull up with release

3x6 curl twist to press 20 lbs
3x 10 band pull down

2x20 super twist combo

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