Friday, August 21, 2015

Warm up

Training has begun as of August 1st in the hopes of making "The Dream Team". The US Olympic Team.  As I am starting "pre - offseason" after an ugly year I needed something different.. something to keep me focused and something to push me where I have never been. A training blog seemed appropriate.

Before I start I want to pull the "I'm an athlete card" in the hopes that any grammatical, spell- matical type errors can be over looked. Just like my teachers used to do, just kidding!! That never happened... I actually really enjoyed school. Getting back on track (no pun intended) I like to write how I speak, it may not be proper but I am too busy training to worry about it.

Training to make an Olympic Team is without a doubt the hardest team to make, especially in such a "glamorous" sport like Track and Field. I like to think I have the training in a bag thanks to my former world record holder dad and my new training team at Prolific. As for the mental side, I hope that this blog can help keep me on the right track.

So here we go!

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